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Call for Artists 2018


The Pilsen Law Center is home to Jáuregui and Associates, P.C., a personal injury law firm.  Founded by Arturo Jáuregui, the firm focuses on all types of accidents and medical malpractice.  Before establishing Jáuregui and Associates, Mr. Jáuregui had spent 10 years at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, with four of those years as regional counsel.  As it goes, Mr. Jáuregui has dedicated 30 years of his life protecting the rights of the Latino community in Chicago. 

In 2014, Mr. Jáuregui moved his office into Pilsen, the community that gave him his start as a paralegal.  In the process, he salvaged a once vacant building (about 25 years vacant) at 1545 W. 18th Street, and made it the new home for Jáuregui and Associates, which included an added space for community, La Luz Art Gallery.  The building, known locally for its wrought iron gate that dawns the welcome of “Bienvenidos a Pilsen,” provides a great space for arts and cultural events.  The gallery serves many purposes, but its primary purpose is to serve as an art gallery that is accessible to local artists to showcase the art and culture that is prevalent in the Pilsen community.  The gallery may also be used for special events as it is equipped with a pa system, a kitchen, stage, and tables and chairs for a variety of setups. 

 Request for Proposals (RFP)

With the ever evolving group of entrepreneurial artists growing within Pilsen and the surrounding areas (to add to the rich history of established artists), the Pilsen Law Center is now looking to connect with all local artists in an effort to work towards establishing partnerships that seek to celebrate and amplify local art and their entrepreneurial endeavors, while positively activating the space known as La Luz Gallery at the Pilsen Law Center. We are searching for projects that stem from one of three categories: musical performance, visual artists, and theatre to fill our programming for the rest of the year, and the first half of next year.  All proposals will be given serious consideration, and will be reviewed by an internal committee of the Pilsen Law Center.  Please submit a one and a half to two page proposal.  The RFP with the entire set of requirements is downloadable below: